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Pixwall Sound Proof Wall  

For colored (can be customized on demand)UV surface treatment, anti static
and improving surface hardness.

Ceiling of buildings, Exterior wall, Passageway,
Sunken garden, Indoor stadium and swimming pool,
soundproof walls on roads, Underground ceiling,
Canopy in buildings and gas stations, Electronic products,
Signboards, Microwave, Gauge of cars,
Aquarium & botanical garden, Greenhouse, Veranda,
Skylight in factories, Vending machine & showcase,
Windows & safety glass in high-rise apartments, etc.

Production spec
– Thickness : 1.0~12.0mm
– width : Public method in order
– Length (based on max width, length ) : Public method in order

Soundproof walls system changes its appearance according to surrounding
Pixwall becomes the identity and beautiful landmark of the area.
Pixwall used as media for the area’s events (PR), attract attention and
participation of local communities.
Pixwall provides eco-friendly designs to prevent overload to environment of
the area and expresses lively vividness quite different from the stereotype of walls.

Artificial structures to have natural
expression through light and shade.


Noise is reduced due to the occurrence
of reflection angle by each module
comprising images.

was awarded with world’s Big Three design awards- IDEA the US, IF and Red Dot Germany