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Specialized Construction For Building

Using acrylic and polycarbonate sheets with high functionality and high
workability, our products are used as materials for differentiated buildings
with high functions such as sunscreen and shading,

Canopy construction in stations,
Normal buildings,
Top-light construction, etc.

Featured projects :
Deokso Station
Dongan Station
Dongan Station
Jihaeng Station
Seongbuk Station
Songnae Station
Dongducheon Station
Roof at Jeonju World Cup Stadium

Specialized constructionFor Hoses

Aesthetic sense of building and differentiated representation enhances the class of building
by mean of exterior construction using aluminum sheet and composite pane sheet.

Construction of rooftop structures,
Top-light construction at parking lots,
Special construction in apartments,
Doorpost construction.

Featured projects
Parking Ramps
Munju Construction
Heloports at Rooftop
Rooftop Structures
Inje Purification Plant
Steps at the parking lots
Seperate garbage Collection Site