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5 Registered as vendor of USA Top 5 lighting companies
5 Patent registration : in line laminating plastic film and 2 kinds
1         Contracted agent-ship with USA Major distributors
11 Certification of quality management system and environment management system ISO
10 Certification of environmental performance Indicators of ABS Sheet and Double-Sit (PMMA+ABS)
5 Patent Registration: Fluorescent diffusion plate for blue LED and its manufacturing method

Patent Registration: PMMA matt 2 layers sheet (embossing pattern)

2 Patent Registration: High-Luminance Light Diffusion Plate with Improved Shielding ability
1         Certification of eco-friendly building materials (ABS sheet)
8         Certification of Innovation (Innoviz)
1 Furniture Finishing Material Trademark Registration
6         Issued National Green Certification
12         Registered as the partner company in UK
6 R&D project supported by Korea government
4 Small and Medium Enterprises Quality Awards
12         Aware ”Excellent Product” of LED EXPO in India
“Ji Seok-Yoeng” award from Korean Intellectual Property Office
7 Establish distributor (Elektrocom) in Turkey
6 PS Diffuser has been awarded “Excellent Product” of 19th Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition
5 Patent registered, resin composite for manufacturing “Hi-pearl”
1 Registered as the partner company for BOE in China
12         Establish distributor in India
7 Patent registration : PP diffusion plate(Hi Green)
2 Patent registration(Green sheet)
Developed PP diffusion plate
12         Establish distributor in China
6 Signed contract with C.U(former Family Mart)for production of their signboard CI replacements
5 Developed Green Sheets
2 Produced commercial antistatic diffusion plate
11         Patent applied(Japan), resin composite for manufacturing diffusion sheet
for lighting and signboard(No.2011-228120)
10 Registered as partner company for LG Innoteck(PS diffusion sheet)
9 Patent applied(China), resin composite for manufacturing diffusion sheet
for lighting and signboard(No.2011102041229)
Trademark registered, HiLux, HLumi and 2dthers (diffusion sheet for lighting)